Behcets Syndrome Centres of Excellence The Behcets Syndrome Centres of Excellence were set up in three NHS Trusts in Birmingham, Liverpool and London in April 2012 to provide care for patients with Behcet’s Syndrome.

The aim of the Centres of Excellence is to ensure that patients with Behcets syndrome can access timely diagnosis and receive optimal treatment across the country. They provide a “one stop” service, aiming to provide the best care from diagnosis for this rare, chronic disease.

The Behcets Centres of Excellence offer care in the form of multi-disciplinary clinics and facilitate access to high cost drugs.


What is Behcets?

What is Behcets

Behcets Syndrome (also known as Behcet’s disease) is a rare chronic auto-inflammatory multisystem disorder of unknown cause, typically characterised by recurrent mouth ulcers, genital ulcers, eye inflammation, joint pain and skin lesions. Read More...

Health Professionals' Portal

Health Professionals Portal

The Health Professionals Portal is for information on how to refer to the Centres of Excellence, details of the drug pathway and access to the forms needed to request high cost drugs funding.
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Patients' Portal

Patients Portal

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Behcet’s  syndrome or you think you may have it, you will find information about services and support at the Centres of Excellence in the Patients' Portal.
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